20 minutes in one go mum!


Running is suppose to be fun, you are suppose to enjoy it, that’s what the website read to me this morning – lol. If it’s not you may want to instead do something you enjoy. I will enjoy it I thought to myself, I will, I will, I will. I watch people go off for a run, they look so happy, so content, so enjoying the early morning sunrise, full of energy, breathing in life. Then…

I started panicking, 3.00 pm was so far away, so much time for me to worry, I wish we were going early I love early I told my daughter, get it out of the way “But mum its suppose to be fun” my daughter exclaimed. “Yes darling it will be fun” I beamed but she wasn’t convinced.

“Im feeling a bit anxious sweetheart” I said ten minutes later, thinking It was better to say how I felt, but Leily I realised had her EarPods in and I wondered if she had switched the magic button that makes them noise cancelling, I never quite understood how you could hear in your ear but not outside but hey-ho. “I heard that mum” said Leily pulling out one pod, “do you realise your comments make me feel like I am a torturer!” Oh my giddy aunt that’s the last thing I want you to feel, I am having a lovely time, its not hurting a bit, I lied, straight poker face, its so exhilerating. I thought about the weight that feels like its falling out of me, via my big toe… I feel bottom heavy like I am swinging hoola hoop with it with every step.

“Turn around mum” leilah sweetly said in a gentle calm voice. “I have to stop, I have to stop I need air” I screamed, head down like I was about to faint. After the third pant “MUM LETS RUN” said Leily and we were off running back. I saw the river through the bushes and knew we were about half way there, “just 8 minutes left” said Leilah, oh bugger I thought to myself, I got that wrong how on earth could I keep going….. Then “Mum well done, well done, you did it, your first 20 minute run Mum, you did it” I bloody did it. 61 and quite a lot and I just ran 20 minutes, my first in 27 years – I Carole just bloody did it

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