Jogging, Mum's perspective

Day Three of the first steps so I have a life


I peered out of the window right up closet the pane like a child. It was so warm and cosy in here but out there it looked like the ‘rainy season’ in a far away exotic country… I imagined myself running with one of those hats that cover your body, mittens two pairs of joggers… How do I get out of this? Again I was taken to my youth, a cold morning declaring I was unfit for school. “oh lets take your temperature darling” “can I have a cup of tea first mum I am gasping” You’ve guessed pop thermometer straight into the tea. Mum starts running a bath, as you think to yourself she is hurting and caring, day off here I come. “come on darling straight in” OmG OmG its fucking freezing (wouldn’t have said that, in my day you would have soap in your mouth for that]. “I feel better so much better I don’t think thats necessary, mum smiled.

So as Lao said “A journey of a thousand miles……” well my journey of a thousand miles had some very wet steps coming up. The only benefit I could think of was my very friendly dogging wouldn’t upset anyone this morning by saying hello and wanting to play with their dog – there wouldn’t be anyone else stupid enough to be there but us. I start thinking about the dog moaning. Projections, being emotionally mature, ignoring people, not being sparked, and realise that’s not a journey of a thousand miles, thats a journey that might take a life time, more on that subject later.

We took that the car to the park. The window wipers were on full and we still couldn’t see, I could pretend I was now in a trance, hypnotised by the swishing lol. I got out and tried to get winnie the too friendly cavapoo out of the back seat dog holder, her feet remained solid as she peered up into the dark sky, she did not want to go. “Winnie let’s run” she wagged her tail and slowly alighted. I pulled up my rain mac and hoodie but i couldn’t see. I tried to pull the front back a bit. ‘Come on Mum, let’s run’ we were off.

I tried to angle my step but not in time, splash, the contents of the very deep puddle went everywhere. “Run faster mum” lol lol lol – the rain started dripping down my neck from the channel I had created I was freezing cold, had water dripping from my nose, wet feet, cold legs and I ran the best time so far the last part was to the car at 50mph, well nearly.

That was easy

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