Mum, let’s run – get fit, eat healthy, be mindful – I don’t want you to die! (early)

happy mum and daughter

Mum: When Leilah said “mum, I don’t want you to die” the words felt like a sword slowly penetrating my very fat tummy. I had just read in the newspaper that “coronavirus affects (very spongy fat – that’s what I internalised) obese people. After reading it, I had put a piece of string around my middle and laid it careful on the vintage wooden ruler trying desperately to discover just how obese I wasn’t (lol). It looked a lot of inches (too vintage for cm) was it end to end a meter! That seems a lot for a middle I thought. During our 8.45 am FaceTime (lockdown) video with my daughter she’d used the word “love” and “die” and it had deeply affected me, I didn’t realise just how much until the following days…

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  1. Me myself I says:

    Well done old girl

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